Yo, grrlfriends, thought you should know we’ve finally ordered a camera, and where there are cameras there are pictures of the knitting! Stay tuned!


Got tagged by my friend Heidi to do the Meme of Five. I’m ammending it, though; I’m not tagging anyone. Meme on or not as you desire!

I. What were you doing five years ago?

Five years ago I was living in a two bedroom condo with my husband, our new baby, and my sister. Good times. I miss the kid being a baby and my sister living with us, but not the condo!

II. What are five things on your to-do list for today?

Laundry, buy five bags of sand for a sandbox, make a Texas Barbecue dinner for six, try once more to remove a recent vomit stain from the living room carpet, and bake a pie.

III. What are five snacks you enjoy?

Cherries, iced lattes, Dorritos, fruit pie (homemade or great bakery!), and chocolate anything.

IV. What are five things you’d do if you were a billionaire?

I’d love to endow a small scholarship in my mother’s name for single mothers to go to night school. I’d remodel my house, have it professionally landscaped, and have someone in to clean and garden for me.

V. What are five of your bad habits?

I waste too much time playing spider solitaire, procrastinate on the housework and the yardwork, eat too much junk and not enough vegetables.

VI. What are five places you’ve lived?

I’ve lived in a dorm at University of Oregon, an apartment I shared with my older sister in Tempe, Arizona, some fairly nasty company housing in Denali National Park, a condo in Pleasanton, California, and a house in Salt Lake City.

VI. What are five jobs you’ve had?

Library Page at a public library in Arizona. Store Trainer at a McDonald’s in Anchorage, AK. Retail Sales Associate at a hotel gift shop in Denali National Park, AK. Preschool “Teacher” at a daycare in Mesa, Arizona. Store Manager of a bookstore in Everett, WA.

VII Am supposed to tag five people, but I’m not going to. Meme on, dear readers, as you desire.

Check this out–makes me proud to be a woman.

Yesterday I decided I need one more small fair isle project before doing my EPS yoke, so have cast on these darling mittens many of you have already made. I’m using Cascade 220 superwash in red and white. We’ll see if mine measure up to the previously established cuteness. I am, by way of a progress report, at the second Estonian Braid. On the second go-’round of the second braid, actually: late last night I had a brief moment of inattention which resulted in a hole in the braid, so I ripped back and went to bed. Everything’s more difficult after 11 pm, right?

Am going to give the circle hat away today, which will be fun. My son’s so enamored of his green hat with diamonds that he took it to bed with him the other night. There is no higher praise!

Still no camera, sorry grrlfriends.

It’s snowing on my newly-planted pansies and my newly-bloomed daffodils.

Friday I made another Fair Isle hat, this one worsted weight and sized for a four year old, by request blue and green with circles, no earl flaps. I adapted this knitty pattern: using Mission Falls 1824 wool, I cast on 80 st on a size 8 needle and did half the chart. Since I made it mostly while I had the recipient over, I was able to try it on him for size, so I knew I only had room for half the pattern repeat, and that I had to start the decreases 4 1/4″ from the cast-on edge. I followed my usual hat decrease pattern, every other row decreasing after 1 fewer stitches to make the groovy spiral, decreasing every 10 stitches the first row.

My own kid loved it, but wanted his to be a green hat with white diamonds. I nearly finished that one last night, but when weaving ends I cut two ends I hadn’t woven yet! Luckily, they were at the crown of the hat. I experimented with pulling the stitches tight to provide me with enough yarn to spit-splice, but of course that did not work. Picked out the crown, and now it’s back on the needles. Another hour and it will be done (again!).

This has to be the stupidest knitting mistake I’ve ever made.

The Fair Isle on both hats looks great, though.

I figure I’m learning two things: 1) I can learn new things, good things. I’m more confident about the Fair Isle on EPS now that I can do it with two hands. 2) I can learn new dumb mistakes, too.

Such is knitting!

Still no camera, so I’ll just describe things. Is that hideously boring? I’ll make the descriptions short.

On the needles:

1) EPS. I have knit the body to the armpits, and must now recalculate the sleeves. The color is lovely, and I’m maybe thinking about steeking it after all, after I saw a very pretty cardigan in More Big Girl Knits. That book is full of gorgeous sweaters!

2) Chullo Hats: I made a brown Chullo hat with cream fair isle diamonds (which I charted myself, go, me!). I’ve already given it to the recipient. He loved it, which made me very happy. I’m now knitting another one for his brother. I’m using Berocco Ultra Alpaca, and it’s fantastic, smooth, soft, and blocked like a champion. The hats are based on this free pattern I found on Ravelry, but I’m using 100 stitches on a size 7 needle, and doing ten decrease points after 6.5 inches. The second hat is black, which makes it impossible to see. I ripped back to the earflaps today to fix several mistakes. It should go really fast, once I get everything established.

3) Messed about with a kippah pattern. My sister and brother-in-law are Jewish, and her husband asked if I could knit him one some time. Fun, but it turned out with a little nipple thing at the crown. I think the problem would be fixed by increasing every round at the crown, instead of every other round. I tried to block the nipple thingy into submission, which of course didn’t work. I think maybe when it’s dry I will pick out the crown and reknit just that part, just for fun. Although it would probably be faster to rip out the entire thing, since I knit it top down…Or just chuck it and knit a different one of other yarn…Does anyone have a kippah pattern they like?